Daniel J Flees II

Flight Chief, Weapons & Tactics

Hampton, VA






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Senior NCO of the Quarter, 3Q 2017

Senior NCO of the Year, 2014

NCO of the Quarter, 2Q 2012

Branch Military Performer of the Year, 2011 & 2012

Distinguished Graduate, NCO Academy, 2011

Top Graduate, Electronic Intelligence Technical Training School, 2009

NCO of the Quarter, 3Q 2007

Distinguished Graduate, Airman Leadership School, 2004

Work Experience

Superintendent, Innovations / 497th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group
Apr 2018 - Current

Oversees all innovation efforts for 1.6K member organization. Manages project portfolio and updates upper echelons as appropriate. Provides resources and clears roadblocks for project teams. Researches and acquires training that pertains to innovation effort. Travels to other sites share best practices and enhance efforts across the enterprise. Administers systems and infrastructure of the innovation lab. Acquires hardware, software, furniture, and other items to outfit the innovation lab. Instructs I-Corps classes.

Flight Chief, Weapons & Tactics / 497th Operations Support Squadron
Nov 2016 - Mar 2018

Directed the 16-member Weapons & Tactics Flight. Oversaw the creation, updating, and instruction of tactics, techniques, and procedures that codify best practices for the Distributed Ground Station One mission sets and the 1.4K total force Airmen on site. Managed flight awards program, recognizing deserving Airmen at the flight level and advocating for them at higher levels. Liaised with Squadron leadership on manpower issues and advised on hiring process. Ensured all flight members remained current on required training and readiness actions year round.

Flight Chief, Mission Management & Current Operations / 303d Intelligence Squadron
Nov 2015 - Nov 2016

Directed the 34-member Mission Management Flight from Nov 2015 through May 2016, then the 120-member Current Operations Flight from June through Nov 2016 for Distributed Ground Station Five. Led teams of teams through mission, manpower, and administrative challenges. Conducted evaluations and feedbacks for subordinates and oversaw the process for their subordinates. Drafted and reviewed decoration narratives for deserving members upon departure from the Squadron. Enforced workcenter standards and levied increasingly progressive corrective measures when necessary to maintain discipline.

Resource Advisor & Unit Fitness Program Manager / 31st Intelligence Squadron
Jun 2013 - Nov 2015

Managed all aspects of the organization's travel and supply budgets. Used the Defense Travel System to execute over 500 pre-deployment, training, and mission trips utilizing over $1M in travel funds. Managed the Government Travel Card Program, ensuring the good standing of 500+ member accounts. Managed the Government Purchase Card Program, authorizing the disbursement of $50K in supply funds, enabling operational sustainment. Conducted and tracked annual fitness testing for over 1K USAF personnel. Developed a Physical Training Leader (PTL) course and certified over 60 PTLs. Led personal fitness training sessions for substandard members, bringing 200+ members back into standards with a 98% success rate.

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Technical Signals Intelligence / National Security Agency Georgia
Jul 2009 - Jun 2013

Managed a joint service team of 30 members across 5 shifts that maintained electronic intelligence dominance across the entire area of responsibility. Conducted quality assurance over all outbound products. Wrote reports that were briefed at the highest levels of government. Instructed 12 iterations of a 3-week electronic intelligence course and certified 10 additional instructors.

Database Administrator / Air Force Weather Agency
Jul 2009 - Jun 2013

Directed the efforts of a team developing and maintaining software to manage the world’s largest real-time meteorological database. Ensured database availability, reliability, functionality, and optimization through effective use of performance tuning techniques. Provided 24-hour on-call database system support. Spearheaded transition to $640M next generation weather satellite. Maintained 98.1% system availability rate to warfighters across nine systems.


University of Bellevue
2017 - Current

Master's of Science in Management of Information Systems

University of Bellevue
2005 - 2007

Bachelor's of Science in Internet Software Systems Technology | 4.0 GPA

Community College of the Air Force
2010 / 2005

Associates of Applied Science in Intelligence Studies and Technology

Associates of Applied Science in Computer Science Technology

USAF Computer Programming Technical Training School

16-week program covering programming concepts, Ada, Assembler, Fortran, and COBOL


DJ & Kelley's Website / www.flees.net

Family website for sharing pictures, videos, and news of what is going on in our lives. It also keeps track of what movies we've seen, books we've read, and games I've played. It tracks our workouts, weigh ins, and special events. It is like 20 apps in one.

The Awesome Theory / www.awesometheory.com

Started out as a humor and satire site and morphed into a unique browser based MMORPG. Players could duel each other, or fight random monsters. They could find equipment and upgrade it. There were social aspects of the site that gave participation rewards that fed into the game aspect. It launched in 2007 and at it peaked in 2008 at 250 or so unique users and 30 concurrent users. Development stopped in 2009 though the site remained up and accessible through 2016 until php version changes made it unplayable. A reboot is planned for 2018.

...And Crustice For All / www.andcrusticeforall.com

I love pizza, so I decided to start a pizza blog where I review places I have been and talk about topics related to pizza.

Derp Derp Code! / www.derpderpcode.com

As of January 2018, this site is not live yet. It is planned to be a blog where I discuss web programming, design, and development, specifically focusing on my efforts to figure out problems and challenges to what I want to do.

For Love of Pinball / www.forloveofpinball.com

As of January 2018, this site is also not yet live. I also love pinball, and this will be a blog/resource site for other pinball lovers.